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How Much Further can we Afford to Keep Producing Emotionally Challenged Lives/Brains/Gains?

Emotionally challenged economics! Emotionally challenged commerce! Emotionally challenged financial policies. Emotionally challenged foreign policies etc.

Economically Challenged Behavior. Emotionally challenged economics! Emotionally challenged commerce! Emotionally challenged financial policies. Emotionally challenged foreign policies, Emotionally challenged laws etc. Emotionally challenged knowledge/beliefs! Emotionally challenged relationships. All this emotionally challenged perception of reality is caused by emotional baggage in our brains. Due to ignorance we even have these emotionally challenged education policies.

Knowing the difference between the brain and mind through everyday life.

The mind drives the show of living, behaving and acting out life within the parameters of the script provided by the brain.

‘The brain is the engine, while the car is the physical body of the human being where the mind is the driver of this car of life.’

The brain is like the small child, the teenager, the adult and or the master. The mind is the manager. The manager has access to reality while the child, the teenager and to some extent the adult lives in his own dream world. First and foremost they both have overlapping hardware. Where the brain develops this hardware that the mind totally depends on. So the quality of the brain supplied hardware on which the mind depends determines the minds own quality. However the silver lining in all this is the true self is also very much real and this true self also supplies the mind with its own input. The true self often shows its frustration in the form of our so called conscience. So when one is feeling guilty then the mind and the true self are feeling guilty. Of course sometimes the mind feels guilty while the conscience is neutral and vice-versa. As when one applies for a job and is turned down because of lack of skills; then the mind knows that the self has screwed up by not developing the skills needed to get the job. But the true self is frustrated as it is the self image that has screwed up. It is all very confusing and frustrating but it will all be very clear through this knol.

Before I go into the topic of this knol please consider that these *recent knols that I have written on the differences between the brain, mind, and the true self open up a new avenue of research in the mind sciences. We are still too fuzzy about the brain and mind so we have little clue of what emotions spring from which source and why. Having a clear idea of the functions of the brain and mind clears the way to answers to a new set of hundreds of questions. From such questions as where does inspiration spring from, to who controls which behavior to who controls which emotion becomes more clear. Knowing which part of our human nature is coming from where. And which part of it is cast in stone and which not; will not only open up new insights into the working of the human personality, mentality, behavior, consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness; it will give us deep insights of how to correct and master our brains and minds. It will lead to new forms of education.

Kind Attention Google Management.

I have lots of Wisdom-Projects; that can create millions of jobs. This is just one of the wisdom-projects. Just imagine, a 'whole new Wisdom Industry' including a movie.

A hint and background for a movie, ‘The Story of Wisdom’. There
are a few variations of this theme.

Improving Emotional Intelligence of Stock Traders and Stock Dealers

Understanding emotions to invest and trade stocks wisely

Decision making is at the core of stock management. It has rational components and emotional ones. Emotional intelligence is now recognized as a full part of intelligence and persons can be helped to improve it. This knol attempts to collect material regarding the emotional intelligence aspect of stock trading.

Krishan Maggon: There you go Again.

If you are calling me a pesudo scientist then I am requesting you to please do it openly and as an accredited scientist please qualify your accusations with proof. You and your pack have been trying to have me thrown out for some time now. But it is so amazing that you have stooped so low. You are trying to scare Google management that they will face another half billion dollar lawsuit because of my “phony science”.

There is one More Physical Evidence Which Proves That Herman Cain is Guilty.

While giving interviews before this scandal broke out Herman Cain’s eyes were blinking at less than half the speed as his eyes are blinking now. The speed of blinking changes over many years and this dramatic shift is an indication of emotional turmoil going on in his brain. The mind is aware of the impact of the scandal and is consciously and subconsciously trying to cover it up while knowingly denying and lying about it. His brain is confused and angry and all this physical neural activity of the brain is producing a mixture of guilt, frustration and even some loss of confidence and serenity. All this is physically showing up on his face. The more he tries to cover up his tracks the more frustartion and worry will show on his face.

Herman Cain is Beyond Doubt Guilty.

It Is Vital That We Know the Relationship Between Brain and Mind.

It is the brain that acts first and lets the mind manage the damage of clearing up the mess. It is the mind that feels guilty and at the same time tries to hide this guilt. The brain is like the small child that is being scolded by the mind/manager. The brain feels it wants what it wants like an addiction. The brain produces the emotionally challenged behavior and when confronted by the mind it acts as if it does not know what the mind is talking about. All this thinking activity of the brain takes place biochemically and all biochemical reactions have a physical impact on the body. When the brain is being scolded by the mind the brain wants to escape and this feeling of escape is physically reflected in the eyes. The eyes seem distant.

Lets take the case of Herman Cain. In his case one can clearly see from the distant look in his eyes that his brain wants to escape the scolding of his own mind! He is guilty! His mind is definitively trying to cover up the emotionally challenged behavior of his brain. He is also guilty of a bigger moral crime of knowingly lying.

How Long Are We Going to Allow Ignorance to Rule Our Lives?

I came across a review of a book that talks of the experience of the sublime in life. It clearly shows that the world is still very ignorant of the very nature of good and evil; which boils down to not knowing the very nature of our true self. This ignorance has shaped the sad history of man and this ignorance has a rippling effect on all aspects of life. It even bogs down education and distorts our very emotional and physical being. It causes wars, divorce, suicide and bankruptcies…It causes almost all emotionally challenged behavior.

Good and evil originate from the quality of the brain’s emotional intelligence factor. I have written a press release on this. The press release is held up because I am using the example of Herman Cain in it. I am trying to make sure that the next President of America has a +2 brain and a +2 mind. If Herman Cain wins the Republican nomination I will make sure single handedly that he does not become the next President. Mr. Cain is more brain/mind/self-image created trouble than the American people realize.

There is More Bad News for Herman Cain.

I have been reading his face for clues to whether he is innocent. Unfortunately there is troubling new evidence that Mr. Cain is guilty. As I said in my earlier knol that he is not 24-7 horny. He is not consciously 24-7 constantly horny, looking for any and every opportunity for sex. However he is subconsciously horny which means his mind knows that he cannot cross certain lines to appease his brain’s horniness so the mind keeps the brain in check to stay within the law. However the mind gives cautious approval when the odds of getting caught are low. The mind acts as a look out.

Kind Attention Knol Founder Udi Manber.

How about Google financing a movie on, 'The Story of Wisdom'? In one stroke we will make tons of money and also spread wisdom around the world.

Dear Sir:

My gut feeling is that you created Knol as a net to harness the collective wisdom of mankind and make it accessible to all the corners of the world. Thanks to this opportunity I have been able to add my own work to the human knowledge pool. My work on emotional intelligence/wisdom education is now complete. The time has now come to get my insights implemented. The best way to start the journey to make the world wise would be to make a movie on, “The Story of Wisdom”. Would you be interested in joining me on this project?

I need a meeting with one of your senior creative directors to share a social network idea that will help in making the world wise. It will improve the world and also make money for Google share holders.