Herman Cain is Beyond Doubt Guilty.



It Is Vital That We Know the Relationship Between Brain and Mind.

It is the brain that acts first and lets the mind manage the damage of clearing up the mess. It is the mind that feels guilty and at the same time tries to hide this guilt. The brain is like the small child that is being scolded by the mind/manager. The brain feels it wants what it wants like an addiction. The brain produces the emotionally challenged behavior and when confronted by the mind it acts as if it does not know what the mind is talking about. All this thinking activity of the brain takes place biochemically and all biochemical reactions have a physical impact on the body. When the brain is being scolded by the mind the brain wants to escape and this feeling of escape is physically reflected in the eyes. The eyes seem distant.

Lets take the case of Herman Cain. In his case one can clearly see from the distant look in his eyes that his brain wants to escape the scolding of his own mind! He is guilty! His mind is definitively trying to cover up the emotionally challenged behavior of his brain. He is also guilty of a bigger moral crime of knowingly lying.

The fact that one of the women was supposedly harassed over a two month period shows his brain’s emotionally challenged behavior was not a one time brain directed, without thinking act, which means it was not without the mind’s knowledge just an unconscious act. It does not look like a well deliberated mind and brain act like the likes of 24-7 horny Tiger Woods and Anthony Wieners of the world. But it was definitely a subconscious act which means it was a blind act of the brain which the mind wanted and accepted too. It is something like the brain committed the crime and the mind acted as a look out.

It was a repeat behavior in which the mind and brain were both involved. This means his stepping out of line was not merely a one time act. It means his brain and mind was not prepared to take no for an answer. I am sure over the years he must have repeated this emotionally challenged behavior with others too and so in the coming months more women will come forward.(**)

The fact that she was paid one years salary means that Herman Cain’s own colleagues must have believed her allegations to be credible enough.

He is guilty of a bigger moral crime of knowingly lying because no one can forget such a big blot on one’s resume, especially some one running for the highest office of the most powerful country in the world. And if Mr. Cain’s mind really feels that he does not remember all these details then this raises very serious even more and more questions about the state of his brain and mind. If Mr. Cain’s recollection is fuzzy as he claims then his brain and mind is definitely not fit to lead this nation.

The woman must have felt afraid to report and so she suffered repeated abuse and when she felt she could no longer take it any more that she put her job on the line and she complained to the management. It is clear that the management sided with Mr. Cain because the woman had to get a lawyer.

I do not know anything first hand about this case but I do not need to as I am expert on the brain and mind relationship. Analyzing Mr. Cain’s body language it is very clear that he is guilty. It is not just the distant look in his eyes. His subconsciously pulling in his lips is also a clear indication that his mind is trying to cover up the behavior of his emotionally challenged brain and it’s own compliance in this mess.

This face/body language reading is just one of the practical applications of my US patented hypothesis!

We can and will have to bring body language reading to the level of pure science. This will help us in all kinds of relationships, even determining the quality of the wisdom level of the presidential candidates…

I would like to challenge Mr. Herman Cain to a debate on this and if I loose I will have my left hand skinned alive on CNN. I am this certain!

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(**) Today, 11/07 one more woman has come forward with graphic details! I am correct to predict this as my reading of his body language is based on science.