Kind Attention Knol Founder Udi Manber.

How about Google financing a movie on, 'The Story of Wisdom'? In one stroke we will make tons of money and also spread wisdom around the world.



Dear Sir:

My gut feeling is that you created Knol as a net to harness the collective wisdom of mankind and make it accessible to all the corners of the world. Thanks to this opportunity I have been able to add my own work to the human knowledge pool. My work on emotional intelligence/wisdom education is now complete. The time has now come to get my insights implemented. The best way to start the journey to make the world wise would be to make a movie on, “The Story of Wisdom”. Would you be interested in joining me on this project?

I need a meeting with one of your senior creative directors to share a social network idea that will help in making the world wise. It will improve the world and also make money for Google share holders.

Dear Sir:
We have hundreds of courses for regular education and zero subjects for emotional intelligence education.  
We at the 4th R Foundation have figured out a very narrow and specific way to teach emotional intelligence education. Wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence (please google this). Wisdom is selflessness. Selflessness can be taught. Please google ‘self image therapy  by sajid khan’. I have a simple hypothesis that has hundreds of practical applications (including inventions) in the mind sciences especially emotional intelligence education. I would like to offer you a partnership in my ‘Wisdom Industry’. 
I am also talking to people like Michael Moore and Kevin Sorbo to make a movie on ‘The Story of Wisdom’. 
We already celebrated ‘Wisdom DayNew York, New York, United States‘ in a few parts of the world. Next year it will spread to more places and hopefully one day it will be as common as Mother’s Day. We are also hosting from time to time, ‘
Free Pure Happiness SeminarsNew York, New York, United States

Just imagine the impact of just one ignorance powered belief, ‘I am the best’ that we embed in the biochemical structure of the brain, again and again in every generation. The benefits just from eradicating this ignorant belief will give us incalculable emotional, physical and economic relief. It will make our pockets fuller and will make our brains, minds and bodies super mature; causing a rippling effect on all life. There will be authentic life all around and the ills of society will vanish drastically.
Societies’ laws are enforced against ignorance powered behavior. As ill behavior is innately powered it is no wonder almost impossible to control by laws. Even when we do control it look at the economic costs, physical pain, economic pain and emotional pain.
I am focused on replacing all this mess that is a direct result of biochemically planting, ‘I am the best’ belief generation after generation; into a wisdom powered selflessness that will bring mankind to Utopia. At least as close to Utopia as humanly possible. Just imagine the benefits from not raising our children on this hugely destructive ignorance powered belief.
I have the solutions; it is a matter of spreading the word about our current erroneous tactics of faulty upbringing and making the government aware that we know the cause of the current mess and we have plans of how to correct this confusing mess.
It is amazing that no one has calculated the actual direct economic impact on society that is a direct result of this trophy self image that we ignorantly nurture from a very young age.
Just as we cannot control emotionally challenged behavior through laws we cannot generate good behavior through laws. Citizens should effortlessly and authentically act good, forcing people to act good through fear of punishment goes only so far. Good behavior can only come through emotional intelligence/wisdom education.
We have hundreds of subjects that teach regular education and no subject to teach emotional intelligence education as a result we produced the best developed +2 minds that create the top class professionals in the world. But as we leave emotional intelligence education to parents, we help create emotionally challenged brains on a mass scale. When even among the top professionals a huge section turns out to be greedy, irresponsible and emotionally challenged; just imagine those who are not professionally top class. The results of this lack of a subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom one can clearly see in the world mess today. We want to get the government to at least consider our proposal to introduce a new subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom.
 We are also going to celebrate, ‘Wisdom Education Awareness Day’ All over the world.
We now have over 1000 articles on emotional intelligence/wisdom like the following:
 The Trillion+ Dollar Drain That Can Be Converted into a Two Trillion Dollar Income; We Can Also in the Process Create Millions of Jobs – Please Share This With the White House and All Other Law Makers

We keep our homes clean, we keep our cars and our offices spic and span and when it comes to our own brains and minds we keep them dirty; full of emotional baggage; which creates our phony self image that results in emotionally challenged behavior

 NEW YORK, NY, October 28, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — The ancient philosophers wanted to make the world safe from the bad elements of society. So they decided to manage the bad behavior of man through laws. Till the present times we have governments struggling to control the bad behavior of its citizens through more and more refined laws. We have not really succeeded in controlling the bad elements of society even after such huge costs. The reason is simple. Behavior is a symptom of the core self of the individual. It is like there is a house on fire. Instead of putting out the fire we try to control the heat and the smoke. The result is that we keep facing the consequences of the fire as the fire stays lit and continues to create heat and smoke. The fire is perpetually on and we keep putting-in/wasting time, money and life in futile efforts to put an end to the smoke and bring down the heat. We have to wake up to the fact that unless we put out the fire, the smoke and heat will continue to pollute our life. 

This disastrous fire of life that creates all this ill behavior is the emotional baggage in the brain. It is this emotional baggage that powers the phony self image that controls and produces emotionally challenged human behavior. When we manage human behavior we manage the symptoms of the phony self image. The phony self image is the real disease. No wonder the effects/symptoms of the phony self image continue to plague our societies and our lives. 

We ignore the real disease and we focus on and spend all our precious resources on removing the symptoms; we end up frustrated, angry and confused with big dents in our finances and little real improvement in law and order.

The emotional baggage not just causes criminal behavior. It causes all emotionally challenged behavior. From divorce to depression, from drug addictions to phony over confidence and all emotional problems in between are due to our emotional baggage powered self image.

Our leaders make promises of reform and then go back to the insanity of putting on the table the same old tried and tired ignorance driven solutions that have not worked in 1000s of years. All they do is create more and more laws and more and more amendments to control behavior -the symptom- while ignoring the real disease -the phony self image. 

Our American education system is capable of producing a good 95% of educated minds but we produce only 20% of fully emotionally intelligent brains. As a result we have to face the consequences of 80% emotionally challenged brains that produce emotionally challenged behavior. At the lower end we have those with criminal brains and further up we have corrupt brains and then we have the vast majority of Americans who have trophy self image projecting brains. 

This vast majority has to go through an emotionally wrenching struggle to gradually give up the trophy self image. Most are able to adjust their phony over confident expectations into manageable limits but the struggle takes its toll and even the major cause of divorce is two over confident part phony self images falling in love and thus expecting more from their spouse as they feel they are giving more and getting less from their relationship. It is this trophy self image that has led to this economic mess. We Americans make money with our +2 super mature minds and we spend it emotionally on seeking trophies with our +1 mature brains.

All this life mess and economic mess is the result of 80% of emotionally challenged behavior. Behavior that not only affects the whole society it is behavior that degrades all life from one’s relationship between one’s own brain, body and mind to family relationships and beyond. One huge giant, sure shot solution is to wake up to the dangerous consequences of creating trophy self images by bringing up our children on the, ‘I am the best’ belief. We must stop creating an over confident self image that believes that it is the center of the universe and start creating real champions by making them bubble with real earned confidence that comes from making the children champions from early on.

It is now believed that crime alone costs America 1.7 trillion dollars. This is due to the criminals and the corrupt part of the population add to this the costs of the trophy self image in terms of wasting and over spending money and we can see the huge economic disaster that we have on our hands; a disaster of our own making. And the emotional toll is incalculable in terms of divorce, depression, drug addictions, out of wedlock children and single family homes. This list can go on and on and just imagine all this largely due to one simple belief we embed into our children’s emotional intelligence brain structure that makes them into trophy self images.

Imagine if instead of the $1.7+ trillion that is sucked out of the economy it happened the other way around. What if this huge liability of emotionally challenged behavior was corrected and we produced this same amount of super mature behavior; then instead of this drain we could produce an extra trillion dollars! The net gain to the economy would be $2.7 trillion.

The huge gains of super emotional stability cannot even be calculated. We would have (pure happiness which is a function of the pure self). It would have a rippling effect on all life. It would create a utopia that our ancient sages dreamed of and had concluded that it was not humanly possible.

We keep our homes clean, we keep our cars and our offices spic and span and when it comes to our own brains and minds we keep them dirty; full of emotional baggage. We keep our brains polluted not just with emotional hurts we even put false beliefs which create their own emotionally challenged behavior.

Just imagine an effortless and an unconsciously lived pure life versus the current life long struggle to manage the emotionally challenged intelligence of the brain by the super mature intelligence of the mind. Fortunately the majority of +1 brains go through emotional struggles and are able to manage and even over come the trophy self image. But this happens over many years of the mind dealing with the emotionally challenged brain.

We at the 4th R Foundation have been predicting this economic mess and life mess for decades. We still have the capacity to wake up to this fact that we in America create +2 super mature minds and +1 mature brains. We make top money and top goods with our +2 minds but we spend it with our +1 emotionally challenged brains. We make money with super mature intelligence/education and we misspend it with our +1 challenged emotional intelligence. We create trophy self images which boils down to our brains expect more than what our minds can deliver; as a result we are perpetually preparing for ‘trophy-time’. In between trophy times life is one big frustrating stress.

We have a plan to create a whole newer ‘Wisdom-Industry’. Not only will it take away the huge crime mess; it will create a super normal society with it’s rippling effects on all sectors of life. It will also create a huge stimulus package that will create millions of jobs.

The 4th R Foundation Would Like the Attention of Our Leaders on the Creation of a New Subject That Teaches Emotional Intelligence/Wisdom: The 4th R: Reality/Truth, Which Will Give Us a Prosperous Life

We Americans need to go back to the good old American way of indulging in a frenzy of emotionally super healthy behavior which will gradually remove the fundamental causes of our current economic mess. It will bring back our good old prosperous life.

The R stands for truth/reality. Truth/reality is not just a moral issue; it is a much bigger health/economic/life/pure-happiness/well-being issue. Truth is an essential factor for a top quality physical and emotional life. 

All our emotional problems stem from not knowing, understanding and actualizing our true self. It is because our true self is hidden under our part-phony self-image that we have all these fundamental problems in life. From economic troubles to depression, from greed to crime, from hate to tense relationships, all are due to the falsehood/emotional baggage that runs our brains/minds. Thus truth is a very essential emotional health factor.
“A Frenzy of Irresponsible Borrowing” – Newsweek.
We can rewrite the same sentence as, “A frenzy of irresponsible behavior” and we treat irresponsible behavior as the main cause for our social problems. So we try to address the problem of irresponsible behavior. However when we put this irresponsible behavior under the microscope; the fundamental cause, it is very clear, is our emotionally challenged behavior.
Whatever solutions the experts use are based on managing irresponsible behavior while the real cause is emotionally challenged behavior. No wonder trying to take care of the symptoms does not take care of the disease. 
It is like the roof is leaking. So we move the furniture around and put buckets under the dropping water. We take care of the effects but we leave the holes in the roof. Our actions towards our economic mess are similar. We cannot fix the mess without fixing the fundamental problem. 
The time to act is now. We at the 4th R Foundation have developed a new subject that teaches emotional intelligence/wisdom. We need our leaders to seriously consider our creation so that we can create a wise society and then we can go back to the good old ways of indulging in a frenzy of emotionally super healthy behavior which will gradually remove the fundamental causes of our current economic mess.
How Does Managing Pure Love Sound? Well; Managing One’s Life is Exactly the Same! Managing Citizens is Exactly the Same; From Managing Spousal Relations to International Relations is Exactly the Same!
Living by law forces man to follow moral behavior but it does not make man follow from the heart. Only when we introduce wisdom education and make man wise will we get authentic moral behavior and an authentic life with pure love and pure happiness.
4th R Foundation: Just Imagine all of Thousands of Years Wasted; History of Man Filled With Disastrous Episodes Powered by the Collective Emotional Baggage of Man. We Must Put an End to This Madness.
Individual lives on such a massive scale, confused and restless living with the effects of emotionally challenged minds/brains, struggling to be free to taste pure life and pure happiness. Our government must wake up to this ignorance powered mess.
4th R Foundation: If the White House Was Really Open For Fresh Ideas We Would Have Real Changes in the Education Policy of Our Government. Our Government Would Take Immediate Steps 4 Teaching Wisdom.
We must figure the enormous costs of ignoring the fundamental factors that shape the current failures of our society. Our government must wake up to the responsibility of ensuring the emotional stability of all our citizens through wisdom education.
We at the 4th R Foundation Have the Blueprint to Create a Wise Society and We Need the Full Backing of Our Leaders in the Government and Industry
The time has come when we must go back to the first choice of our immortals of philosophy. We have to stop managing the behavior of -2, -1 and +1 individuals and start creating +2 wise human beings across the board on a mass scale.
Sajid Ali Khan, the President of the 4th R Foundation, Says, “We Need the Mother of All Wars to Lift America to New Dizzying Heights of Prosperity”
So lets declare war against ignorance, which is over two thirds of the world’s population. We will hire an army of text book writers, pure happiness seminar developers/leaders, wisdom coaches, self image therapy therapists, marriage therapists etc…
We at the 4th R Foundation Have Developed a Whole New Subject that Teaches Wisdom; We Would Like to Invite Our Leaders in Mainstream Science and Education to Put Our Work Under the Microscope
Researching the insights from religion and philosophy we have uncovered the mystery of wisdom. Wisdom is an innate character trait of the pure self. Thus wisdom education is pure self education. Wisdom education is emotional healing education.
The 4th R Foundation Has a Clear-Cut Proposal to Make America and the World Great Again: We Need Partners to Implement This Whole New ‘Wisdom Industry’ That We Have Invented
While we have hundreds of courses for intelligence we have none for emotional intelligence. We are proposing a concrete plan to create text books for a new subject that teaches emotional intelligence; which at the super mature stage is wisdom.
Knol Author Foundation Would Like to Invite All Those Who Want to Change the World to Join Us. Knol is Looking for Your Unique Experience to Add to the Human Knowledge Pool.
If you have an inspiring experience or your own unique angle on the human story or you think you have a better suggestion for any aspect of life please post your ‘knol’ on This is your big opportunity to become immortal in the cloud.
 Sajid Ali Khan,
 4th R foundation,
 233E, 59th St., NY NY 10022,
212 421 4848