There is More Bad News for Herman Cain.



I have been reading his face for clues to whether he is innocent. Unfortunately there is troubling new evidence that Mr. Cain is guilty. As I said in my earlier knol that he is not 24-7 horny. He is not consciously 24-7 constantly horny, looking for any and every opportunity for sex. However he is subconsciously horny which means his mind knows that he cannot cross certain lines to appease his brain’s horniness so the mind keeps the brain in check to stay within the law. However the mind gives cautious approval when the odds of getting caught are low. The mind acts as a look out.

When this crossing the line happens often then even the mind gets complacent and chances of getting into trouble increase as the mind gets less careful. Gradually the subconscious horniness of the brain overrules the cautious mind more and more. 
When such a brain and mind disaster is confronted by law and in this case by the media Mr. Cain’s mind tries to cover up the mess. There are a bunch of feelings that race through his mind. How to get out of this mess. In this brain and mind tension his pure self/conscience feels guilty and restless. The self works on it’s own track and distracts the mind from controlling the biochemical reactions of the brain. In all this the mind looses control and the subconscious horniness which the mind tries to hide surfaces and shows up clearly on the face. 
One can clearly see Mr. Cain’s horniness very visible on his face. It will gradually sink in his mind that he is indeed showing off his horniness and like a vicious cycle he will appear more and more horny again and again.
It is sad but it is the truth. One can very clearly see the horniness on Mr. Cain’s face. And in the coming days it will only increase. Mr. Cain still has his own pure self to contend with. He still has a conscience!


In this photo the horniness and the distant look in his eyes are both visible. His mind is trying to cover his tracks, his brain wants to make it all go away by running away from this reality and his true self is feeling guilty and restless. All this is happening physically at the biochemical level  and is being reflected physically on his face. The face, the eyes and even the hands do not lie. They are all saying ‘I’ am guilty.
Even more horny here in this photo.
Photos from Reuters.