There is one More Physical Evidence Which Proves That Herman Cain is Guilty.



While giving interviews before this scandal broke out Herman Cain’s eyes were blinking at less than half the speed as his eyes are blinking now. The speed of blinking changes over many years and this dramatic shift is an indication of emotional turmoil going on in his brain. The mind is aware of the impact of the scandal and is consciously and subconsciously trying to cover it up while knowingly denying and lying about it. His brain is confused and angry and all this physical neural activity of the brain is producing a mixture of guilt, frustration and even some loss of confidence and serenity. All this is physically showing up on his face. The more he tries to cover up his tracks the more frustartion and worry will show on his face.

And now we can add a new disqualification to the qualities of a US president! Herman Cain’s facial expressions are no more presidential anymore. It is very sad because he has a very remarkable life story where he certainly has some presidential qualities.