Kind Attention Google Management.

I have lots of Wisdom-Projects; that can create millions of jobs. This is just one of the wisdom-projects. Just imagine, a 'whole new Wisdom Industry' including a movie.



A hint and background for a movie, ‘The Story of Wisdom’. There
are a few variations of this theme.

 If Google would join this movie project
They will be doing all humanity a great service. Through this movie we
can wake up the whole world as to what has gone wrong with the world and how it can
be corrected.

Story Hint:

It is 2020 in New York. It is supposed to be the richest country in
the world. Many of the stores are boarded up. People are standing on
street corners like it is a third world city. The lines for soup
kitchens stretch several blocks. There is misery and unhappiness
everywhere. The smallest bill is $10.00. Unemployment is at 40%.

There is a  professor who is researching the cause of the current down
fall of society. She researches where exactly did man go wrong. How
far back did this rot start? So she assembles a list of prophets and
philosophers who she decides to meet. As there are several time
machines that have already been invented she seeks out the best

There is this scientist who has invented the latest time machine…
The background:

Just Imagine all of Thousands of Years Wasted; History of Man Filled
With Disastrous Episodes Powered by the Collective Emotional Baggage
of Man. We Intend to Put an End to This Madness through this movie by
waking up the world to the true nature of wisdom.

Individual lives on such a massive scale, confused and restless living
with the effects of emotionally challenged minds/brains, struggling to
be free to taste pure life and pure happiness. We will make sure the
world wakes up to this ignorance powered mess.

Philosophy is still researching wisdom by putting it under the
microscope! Only a few of the prophets knew that wisdom comes
automatically with the territory of the pure self/spirit/mind. Wisdom
is not an independent entity which can be studied under the
microscope. Wisdom is an innate part of the pure self.

The world today is in such a mess only because roughly 80% of humanity
has not only less than normal brain education we burden every
generation with false beliefs. This results in emotionally challenged
brains which produces emotionally challenged behavior. Emotionally
challenged behavior is the real cause of all this mess, from Wall
Street greed to divorce, to wars and depression. While the world has
made great strides in educating our intelligence which creates doctors
and scientists our emotional intelligence education is still stuck in
ignorance simply because our knowledge of emotional intelligence is
still fuzzy.

And it is amazing that even though we have all this research going on
on emotional intelligence if you google, ‘wisdom is super mature
emotional intelligence’ it is just my knols that come up. I am trying
to wake up the world to connect emotional intelligence to wisdom. This
will lead to taking a second look at the giants of wisdom – the
Buddha, Jesus, Guru Nanak etc. who have all shown the way to wisdom

All I am doing is decoding the scriptures. Everything I am saying has
already been said before by the prophets. I am just translating it
into simpler concepts.

It is such a tragedy that we educate our minds to the top and we drag
our brains down by loading them with emotional baggage…and then we
wonder what is wrong with humanity. We blame it by rationalizing that
man is born evil. Man is born ignorant. Just this little shift in
knowledge will result in opening up the road to wisdom… and
emotionally intelligent behavior.

Whether it is government leaders like President Obama, Education
philanthropists like Bill Gates and the google bosses, philosophers
and scientists and even noble laureates like Llosa; each has their own
take and solutions for the current mess. However all the solutions
point to the domain of fixing regular education, regular intelligence,
regular behavior, regular physical freedoms etc. The biggest cause of
the current mess is below the radar screen of all our leaders. What
the majority does not have is the freedom of our minds/selfs being
free of the clutches of our emotionally challenged brains.

The real mess lies in the fact that the emotional intelligence of the
majority of the population is messed up and as a result we have
emotionally challenged behavior that has led us to this messy state of
affairs. Where emotionally challenged brains are messing up
everything; from relationships to individual and government budgets.
How far down do we have to go before our leaders wake up to the cancer
that is eating us up emotionally, physically and economically.

// the world is still very ignorant of the very nature of good and
evil; which boils down to not knowing the very nature of our true
self. This ignorance has shaped the sad history of man and this
ignorance has a rippling effect on all aspects of life. It even bogs
down education and distorts our very emotional and physical being. It
causes wars, divorce, suicide and bankruptcies…It causes almost all
emotionally challenged behavior. /

We keep our homes clean, we keep our cars and our offices spic and
span and when it comes to our own brains and minds we keep them dirty;
full of emotional baggage; which creates our phony self image that
results in emotionally challenged behavior.

The ancient philosophers wanted to make the world safe from the bad
elements of society. So they decided to manage the bad behavior of man
through laws. Till the present times we have governments struggling to
control the bad behavior of its citizens through more and more refined
laws. We have not really succeeded in controlling the bad elements of
society even after such huge costs. The reason is simple. Behavior is
a symptom of the core self of the individual. It is like there is a
house on fire. Instead of putting out the fire we try to control the
heat and the smoke. The result is that we keep facing the consequences
of the fire as the fire stays lit and continues to create heat and
smoke. The fire is perpetually on and we keep putting-in/wasting time,
money and life in futile efforts to put an end to the smoke and bring
down the heat. We have to wake up to the fact that unless we put out
the fire, the smoke and heat will continue to pollute our life.

Please consider this seriously for we need to make the world wise.

thank you

kind regards

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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