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The Secret Tactics of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Society.

I grew up extremely shy, nervous and depressed. I thought of suicide many times. Then I realized that suicide would create havoc for the rest of my family. I woke up to the fact that there was no way out of this emotional  trap of a life and I had to seek help. But seeking […]

Flier I Made for ‘Occupy Education Department’.

It seems the government is too busy retooling the same old educational reforms to look beyond the established age old solutions to fill the loop holes in education. We have to start a movement to wake up the government to the real crisis in education, and even in other departments. I plan to build a web site on education reform and start an ‘Occupy Education Department’ movement.

Kind Attention: Knollers Living in the Washington DC area. Can You Join Us?

Those who can join please leave a comment here.

We at the 4th R Foundation are seriously considering, ‘Occupy Education Department’ in Washington DC; to wake up the education authorities to ‘The Secret Tactics of a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Society’.

Just imagine the impact of just one ignorance powered belief, ‘I am the best’ that we embed in the biochemical structure of the brain, again and again in every generation. The benefits just from eradicating this ignorant belief will give us incalculable emotional, physical and economic relief. It will make our pockets fuller and will make our brains, minds and bodies super mature; causing a rippling effect on all life. There will be authentic life all around and the ills of society will vanish drastically.

Societies’ laws are enforced against ignorance powered behavior. As ill behavior is innately powered it is no wonder almost impossible to control by laws. Even when we do control it look at the economic costs, physical pain, economic pain and emotional pain.

I am focused on replacing all this mess that is a direct result of biochemically planting, ‘I am the best’ belief generation after generation; into a wisdom powered selflessness that will bring mankind to Utopia. At least as close to Utopia as humanly possible. Just imagine the benefits from not raising our children on this hugely destructive ignorance powered belief.

I have the solutions; it is a matter of spreading the word about our current erroneous tactics of faulty upbringing and making the government aware that we know the cause of the current mess and we have plans of how to correct this confusing mess.

It is amazing that no one has calculated the actual direct economic impact on society that is a direct result of this trophy self image that we ignorantly nurture from a very young age.

Those who can join please contact by email:

The Trillion+ dollar Drain That can be Converted to a Two Trillion Dollar Income.

We keep our homes clean, we keep our cars and our offices spic and span and when it comes to our own brains and minds we keep them dirty; full of emotional baggage; which creates our phony self image that results in emotionally challenged behavior.
The Trillion+ Dollar Drain That can be Converted into a Two Trillion Dollar Income; We can Also in the Process Create Millions of Jobs. Please Share This With the White House and all Other Law Makers.

Emotions Stem From One Source.

The theory of unifing emotions.

The deep mostly secret core of man’s ‘virtual’ self is the root cause of all emotions that spring from the emotional nature of the virtual core self. Every emotion depends on and is colored by our ability of how close to reality we can behave, where especially thinking is also action. The spring board of our emotions stem from the virtual nature of our self. All ’emotional emotions’, because we also have ‘physical emotions’ that manifest in physical pain and pleasure, spring from just one source – the nature and quality of our developed humanness potential. All emotional emotions boil down to how we answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ It is all about self image. It is all about the quality of our brain; as our self image is a projection of the brain.

Wisdom is the Science of Life; Which Religion Got it Right and Science Got it Wrong.

Science is about uncovering and harnessing the truth/reality of life; wisdom is about the ability of the mind/brain/body to experience the true nature of life and everything else in it just as it is. Wisdom is the ability to experience pure life. It gives us the ability to know the truth, understand the truth, become the truth and live the truth. Thus wisdom is the science of life! The foundation of wisdom is the foundation of a pure self. Selflessness is the electricity that powers the self actualization of human beings.

Sajid Khan’s Page – 2

*** I have posted this on Knol Help. Is Knol a Success? Knol is a success for Google. It has made Google a huge content company. Knol is a success for us knollers. It has added our knowledge to the human knowledge pool. But has knol reached it’s real objectives? Lets first define knol’s real […]

4th R Foundation: Let’s Face it: Our Ignorance Powered Self Image is What Drives Our Lives and Shapes Our Destiny.

80% of the World's Population Shapes Life Through Emotionally Challenged Behavior. We at the 4th R Foundation Have Uncovered the Secret to a Wise Society.

Almost 70% of America believes in Jesus Christ and we keep asking ourselves, ‘What would Jesus do’? Why don’t we follow the way of the Bible and do what Jesus clearly wants us to do. I have come to Jesus not because Jesus is the son of GOD. I came to Jesus because he is the one who is giving us the correct knowledge of wisdom. Jesus is showing us the scientifically sound way to wisdom and a wise society – the ultimate goal of philosophy as laid out by the ancient philosophers; whom unfortunately, we still consider as the last word on wisdom.

“My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstrating of the Spirit’s power. So that your faith… rest on… GOD’s Power.” – 1 Corinthian 2: 4-5

We are clearly being told that it is GOD’s power that creates wisdom. In science terms the Spirit means the human mind, which is our pure consciousness. So what we are being told to do is to develop our full humanness/pure-consciousness potential and thus create a super mature mind free of all emotional baggage of the brain/flesh.

Who is running your life? You or your self image.

Discover why everyone, even you are a genuine star.

Your self image may have your looks but it does not have your true powers. Below the layers of your character traits, behind the mask of your self image is your pure self, itching to be heard, itching to be known and egar to be free. Just a few knowledge insights away is your real self waiting to be in charge of your destiny. Even though it may take you a long time to really dissolve your self image and let your true self emerge at least take the first step of becoming aware of who is running your life. You or your self image.

The benefits of knowing that wisdom is a fragrance of the mind.

Knowing what wisdom is, we can take the right steps to create wisdom minds enmasse.

Since ancient times man has been intrigued by wisdom. The ancients knew the importance of wisdom. However in spite of all the research they could not figure out wisdom. So they tried to teach wisdom by teaching it attributes. Even to this day we define wisdom more or less as the ancients defined wisdom. As a result the current wisdom education is just as it has always been, a very long process that has mixed results. Since over a 1000 years wisdom was considered too complex to be taken up as a complete subject on its own. In the current era Dr. Vivian Clayton took up the research of wisdom but even she gave it up after many years of serious research because she found that wisdom was too fuzzy to understand.
She made the same mistake that every one else makes. When it comes to wisdom research we stand on the shoulders of Aristotle to look for further clues to understanding wisdom. Well in the case of wisdom Aristotle’s shoulder should have long been abandoned. Wisdom is like the ro…