Auto-Conditioning: Brain Conditioning.

Self hypnosis at the most effective times.



Autoconditoning has already been discovered or invented by Dr. Hornell Hart. There is even a book about it by the same name and author. – Review of my knol Auto-conditioning by Intelligences.
So far my research suggests that the name of ‘auto-conditioning’ was already there even before Dr. Hart. I used an existing name for my discovery. So I apologize for that. But even Dr. Hart has used the same preexisting term! However my concept is not similar to anything out there. My concept is about practicing self hypnosis at particular times!!! You can see from my knol’s sub title that what I am proposing is original!!

‘Self hypnosis at the most effective time.’

This is what i found on Dr. Harts concept.
Dr. Hart describes autoconditioning as a form of post-hypnotic suggestion in which the individual, standing as the real self, gives the suggestions to the inner receptive self. There is no recognition of the fact that these two selves are separate individuals. Hypnosis has the basic meaning of “sleep causing”, and it is pointed out that while the general mechanisms of hypnosis are used to some extent, sleep is not at all a part of autoconditioning. If one goes to sleep, he warns, no results are obtained.

Dr. Harts work is on ‘how to’ and my work is on ‘when is it most effective’.
We have auto-suggestion (self hypnosis) that people use to tell themselves repeatedly that they do not fear what they actually fear. Suppose someone is nervous for a coming interview auto-suggestion would be, him repeating to himself that he will not be nervous. It is believed that such auto-suggestion helps the person to over come the negative feelings and fears.
Auto suggestion before going to sleep and just after waking up is even more effective and is called self-conditioning.

Auto-suggestion at the time when one is feeling pleasure and/or happiness. When you are indulging in your favorite sport or anything that gives you pleasure you can effectively practice auto-suggestion. In my view auto-suggestion when one is happy is a more productive brain exercise than the other two se;f hypnosis conventional brain exercises.

One time that is very effective is when you are taking a massage. It will be even better if you share your fear with the one massaging you and tell him to keep repeating say, ‘You sir are confident, you sir are confident.’ So the massage pleasure is connected to the positive suggestion from another person, this will be more affective. Auto-suggestion in this way will be doubly effective. Along with the positive feed back from another person you are also sharing your fear with him. Thus you are releasing a lot of the pressure from your brain.

The best time for auto-suggestion would be when you are having sex. This is heightened pleasure coupled with positive feed back to the brain. Again if you tell your partner to repeat the positive feed back this will have the most positive affect on your brain. Your fears will break down faster.

Remember your brain is more ready for self hypnosis when it is happy and relaxed.
Dr. Harts work is on ‘how to’ and my work is on ‘when is it most effective’.

I do not know who you are but you are the best and I thank you for it. As you say auto-conditioning has already been discovered. I checked on the internet and indeed there is a book with this title. I see that i have used an existing term as my own and i am sorry for that, but my concept is original. Please check further if the concept is the same. If the concept is the same then this concept is not mine.

But ‘Intelligences’ thinks wrongly that I am claiming autoconditioning the original concept as mine, all i am claiming is that self hypnosis is most effective at certain times.

In fact I do not think any concept is mine. As I have said before these are my blessings from Durga Mata. My basic idea of ‘womb-conditioning’ is from the Gita. My approach is that I observe facts and try to figure out how these facts affect us. I try to reference these facts in terms of science, religion, philosophy, meta physics, common sense and my own subjective experiences. I try to interpret especially the statements from the bible in the light of all the other related knowledge from the other disciplines. For example the following quote from the bible, ‘The earth is filled with evil..’ – Genesis 6:13. So I chew and mull this statement, reflect on it in the light of related literature on it and sleep over it. And then I wake up and I get it that this evil is man. Where does this evil come from in man? I finally wake up to the fact that this evil originates in the brain. Then I discover what is already well known: the concept of emotional baggage. So this emotional baggage is not my discovery. But then I connect the dots. Man is evil because he is controlled by the evil emotions generating emotional baggage. So man is being stopped from becoming good due to this evil generating emotional baggage. So by taking out this emotional baggage man becomes good. Again we already have well established ways to take out this baggage. Then I observe that the standards of man for what is emotionally normal are really sub-normal  and that man can take the same techniques that we use to become normal to become super normal. The qualities of the super normal are exactly those of a wise human being. So I connect the total absence of emotional baggage as the key to wisdom. You get an idea of how I work.

In any case I would like to thank who ever is ‘Intelligences’ for pointing out that the  word auto-conditioning is already there. But the problem is that this book is buried in the past. It is a great concept and should be used on a daily basis. I tried to see what exactly this book is about but it is not even mentioned in Wikipedia. Perhaps one of us especially AK, PG, MB or SKS can add auto-conditioning to Wikipedia.

Come to think of it autoconditioning is the other name of self hypnosis so how could I ever claim it to be my discovery!!! I have tons of original ideas and this one of ‘self hypnosis being more effective at particular times‘ is one of the most beautiful!!!Try it!!!

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