Pure Happiness is Possible.

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” Despite what many in the media proclaim these days, such a state is neither
achievable nor desirable. ” – Andrew WeilAndrew Weil is one of the best life coach and a top authority on well being and happiness. Unfortunately this is the state of understanding of our leaders in this most essential field of happiness. He is still stuck in the ways where the understanding of wisdom is fuzzy. Pure happiness is an innate property of the wise mind/brain. It is like a fragrance of the pure self. Pure happiness is an effortless perpetual expression of a super mature +2 emotionally intelligent self. It is an effortless property of pure love; pure love with one’s own self, with others and iswith all life. The purity comes from just one quality – selflessness.

A real happy life is effortlessly happy. One does not need to manage life to create pure happiness. Yes one can manage life to create the means to have a comfortable life which can be just a substitute for happiness which will create an endless desire for more and more because the real self needs more than comfort; it needs pure happiness.

Pure happiness is an attribute of wisdom which comes with the whole wisdom package. Where the wisdom package is like an electric bulb which can be switched on with selflessness – the electricity for a pure life. Of all the attributes of wisdom selflessness is the easiest to cultivate. It is the root of the wisdom tree. Selflessness is the very foundation from which all the other attributes of wisdom emerge automatically.

Lack of selflessness is the key to the current mess in the world. The problem with the world is emotionally challenged behavior on such a massive scale on the individual, group and country levels. We need to wake up to this fatal ignorance regarding the real cause of the deteriorating financial quagmire. Which every pundit is trying to frame as a lack of management skills on the part of our government, corporations and individuals.

The unsatisfactory leadership/behavior of the government is tied to the ignorance of the government to the real cause of the current economic mess. The focus of the government is to manage it’s behavior and the behavior of corporations and citizens to create the best possible economic results. The real quality behavior is wise behavior. But the government has no clue of how to create wise behavior. We have found that selfless behavior is wise behavior; which can and must be created in every coming generation and can also be created in adults.

Our American constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness. In spite of all this research on real happiness we still do not know how to create real happiness. Real happiness is an integral part of the pure self. It is the attribute of wisdom that is powered by selflessness; the electricity that generates all the attributes of wisdom.
By creating pure happiness seminars we will be creating wisdom seminars. Which in essence is wisdom education.

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